My artist vision is to design and fabricate works of art that leave
memories with all who come in contact with them regardless of age.
Memories of not just the sculpture but also of the places where the works are installed. My sculptures have elements that stimulate thought, smiles, conversation, and creativity to establish timeless works of art. I mold, weld and grind stainless steel and mild steel into abstract designs with colors, kinetic motion, led lighting and glass to give them a life of their own. My designs are timeless with intellectual and poetic dimension that bears repeated viewing over time. I try to use bright and bold colors in my works, after all life is colorful, joyful and exhilarating why shouldn’t your art be?

I am also careful not to use technology to accomplish my art; my fear
is art that depends on technology to give it life will live the same short life span of the technology itself.

I have placed over 30 large scale works in 17 States If these concepts
sound like the goals you have for your project, I would be happy to share some of my designs and concepts with you.